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International Standardized Appliance Connectors IEC 60320

IEC 60320 power cables come in normal and high-temperature variants, as well as various rated currents. The connectors have slightly different shapes to ensure that it is not possible to substitute a cable with a lower temperature or current rating, but that it is possible to use an overrated cable. Cords also have different types of exterior jackets available to accommodate environmental variables such as moisture, temperature, oils, sunlight, flexibility, and heavy wear. For example, a heating appliance may come with a cord designed to withstand accidental contact with heated surfaces.

Worldwide, more than a dozen different types of connectors are used for fixed building wiring. Products sold in many different markets can use a standardized IEC 60320 connector and then use a detachable power cord to match the local electrical outlets. This simplifies safety approvals, factory testing, and production since the power cord is a low-cost item available as a commodity. Note that the same types of appliance-side connectors are used with both 110 V and 230 V power cables, so care must be used when moving appliances between countries with different voltage standards - substituting a power cord that matches local power outlets will result in an incorrect voltage being applied to the appliance or equipment. Unless explicitly labelled as capable of handling local voltages, this is very likely to damage or destroy the appliance. Some devices have a slide-switch to adapt to different voltages, or wide-ranging power supplies.

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America IEC 60320 Plug

NEMA 5-15P to IEC 60320 C5
NEMA 1-15P To IEC 60320 C7          
NEMA 5-15P to IEC 60320 C13

Euroean IEC 60320 Plug

Euroean 3PIN Plug to IEC 60320 C5

Euroean 2PIN to Plug IEC 60320 C7

Euroean 3PIN to Plug IEC 60320 C13

China IEC 60320 Plug

China Plug IEC 60320 C13

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Australi 3PIN Plug IEC 60320 C13

UK IEC 60320 Plug

UK BSI Plug IEC 60320 C5

UK BS Plug IEC 60320 C13

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Italy IEC 60320 C5

Italy IEC 60320 C7

Italy IEC 60320 C13

Japan IEC 60320 Plug

Japan IEC 60320 C13

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Argentin IEC 60320 C5

Argentin IEC 60320 C13

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Israel IEC 60320 C5
Israel IEC 60320 C7
Israel IEC 60320 C13

Israel IEC 60320 C14